July 27, 2010

Yesterday was my birthday.  I turned 40.  I’ve been talking about this for a long time so I won’t go on and on about it.

Last year, I decided this was going to be the year of yoga.  I wanted to start slowly and get my practice back on track so that, on my 40th I could do 40 sun salutations.  I am not a big goal-setter.  But I did set this goal and I accomplished it.  Without really even breaking a sweat.

Yep.  40 of those.

Last year I also set some food goals for myself.  I haven’t gotten around to making my own pasta yet (I bought the Kitchen Aid attachment though!), or crèpes, and I’ve given up on the idea of a sourdough starter because the truth is, I don’t really like sourdough bread.  I did make Holly B’s cinnamon rolls and almond butterhorns, I’ve made lots of ice cream, and I’ve gotten more practice with layer cakes.  I’m not sure I could say I’ve gotten better at them.  I feel they still control me rather than me controlling them.  After another year of practice perhaps.

My 30’s were quite a decade.  I started them untangling myself from a disastrous relationship and working at a job that I hated.  Just a few short months later, I met Randy and everything changed.  In the last 10 years I have…

gotten married
had two children
trained to teach yoga
taught yoga
moved to London and back again
traveled a fair amount
bought and sold two houses
started a personal chef business
stopped my personal chef business
started my blog

And countless other little and big things.  I’ve been busy.  I wonder what the next 10 years holds.


  1. Lovely. Those are some good-looking sun salutations :)

    Comment by Adrienne — July 27, 2010 @ 10:42 pm

  2. Happy Birthday and congratulations on attaining your goal of 40 Sun Salutations. That is seriously a feat! Here’s to another great decade!

    Comment by Siiri Sampson — July 27, 2010 @ 10:45 pm

  3. Happy Birthday! What a wonderful bunch of memories. You’ve come so far and have lots to which you can look forward! xoxoxo

    Comment by redmenace — July 27, 2010 @ 11:05 pm

  4. Happy Birthday, and may the next 10 years be happy and fulfilling! You’ve reminded me I have a few unmet goals of my own to consider this year…

    Comment by lisaiscooking — July 27, 2010 @ 11:10 pm

  5. I just wanted you to know that I loved this post. I found it incredibly inspiring. I just turned 30 and often feel so far behind all my friends in terms of life stages. I’ve just recently decided to go back to school, am not married and have no children… three things that make me VERY different to the vast majority of my friends.

    It’s so wonderful to hear that life CAN begin at 30!!


    ps. Your tattoo looks SO GREAT!

    Comment by Lindsay Wickware — July 27, 2010 @ 11:12 pm

  6. Wow, those were some busy 30s! I’d love to compose my own list too & maybe I will :) Congratulations on the sun salutations and for a nice reminder that it’s important to set goals.

    Comment by kickpleat — July 27, 2010 @ 11:22 pm

  7. WOW! can i just say WOW at your accomplishments. i need to hang out with you more so your good mojo rubs off onto me.
    and happy birthday sweetie.
    you look fab at 40. :-)

    Comment by vanillasugar — July 27, 2010 @ 11:57 pm

  8. congrats! btw, you look great and i love the tattoos. hoping to get my first in London this fall.

    oh, and layer cakes own me too.

    Comment by mara — July 28, 2010 @ 12:13 am

  9. 40 sun salutations?! wow! CONGRATULATIONS AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

    Comment by Veggie Belly — July 28, 2010 @ 12:18 am

  10. Happy Birthday.
    You are an inspiration, on many fronts.
    Thank you for your lovely blog and sharing
    these accomplishments.

    Comment by Jen — July 28, 2010 @ 12:45 am

  11. Happy Birthday and cheers to many more ….. here wishing the next decade will be as equally exciting as the last.

    Best wishes
    gourmet goddess

    Comment by Gourmet Goddess — July 28, 2010 @ 1:34 am

  12. Happy birthday babe! My roommate and I were just discussing how difficult downward dogs are, ironically enough, and here you are doing forty of them! Impressive. You’ve accomplished so much in the past ten years! Here’s to many more such achievements.

    Comment by Joanne — July 28, 2010 @ 2:28 am

  13. happy birthday :) you don’t look anywhere near 40 & if you keep up with those sun salutations probably won’t forever ;) had no idea you taught yoga…thanks for reminding me to get back into my yoga routine too & to many more!!

    Comment by mpg — July 28, 2010 @ 6:01 am

  14. And am I ever so glad that you did start this blog!
    Happy Birthday!!! Here’s to many more beautiful days, many more delicious recipes, and many more captivating blog posts!
    p.s. I love that you can see your tattoo in these birthday pics…it really ties in all the things you wanted your 40th to be. If only that copper pot was in the pic too! :)

    Comment by Melinda — July 28, 2010 @ 7:52 am

  15. Happy Birthday my friend.
    I am saluting the sun today by going to the beach!
    Enjoy your special day.


    Comment by stacey snacks — July 28, 2010 @ 11:53 am

  16. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you’ve been on a very happy path :)

    Comment by Tracy — July 28, 2010 @ 1:03 pm

  17. You are a rock star! Hope you had an awesome day! It’s amazing to see what a decade can bring. I have recently started by own reflective list and it is quite inspiring!

    Comment by fresh365 — July 28, 2010 @ 1:18 pm

  18. Happy birthday! :) Sounds like your 30s were amazing and I’m sure your 40s will be even better.

    Comment by Ashley — July 28, 2010 @ 6:40 pm

  19. Happy Birthday Dana!
    Wow 40 Sun Salutations that’s awesome, I just recently started doing Yoga again after a ten year hiatus don’t know why I ever stopped.
    All the best for a wonderful year ahead.

    Comment by Heather Jones — July 28, 2010 @ 7:06 pm

  20. YOU ROCK! And happy 40th! You got me thinking on what I want to accomplish in this next year! My birthday comes soon. I wonder if I could do 31 sun salutations…xoxo

    Comment by tracy — July 28, 2010 @ 9:44 pm

  21. Happy birthday, Dana!
    Sorry I’m a day late and a dime short, but, had a busy day yesterday preparing for a large gathering at house. The hit appetizer? Yep! Your tortilla skewers – well, after the guys realized it wasn’t an interesting bouquet but something wonderful to eat. Yea! and Yea to Dana Treat blog.

    Comment by Penny — July 28, 2010 @ 10:13 pm

  22. Happy Birthday, Dana! You look just wonderful here. I’m fast approaching 30 and have been fretting a lot lately about where my life is going. Your post has put my worrying into perspective. 40 is the new 20! You seem healthy, peaceful, and all-round marvellous. Congratulations on this beautiful blog (one of my favourites), and here’s to another varied and vibrant ten years!

    PS I am seriously looking into yoga now.

    Comment by amber — July 28, 2010 @ 10:40 pm

  23. happy birthday and nice job on the sun salutations. that’s an inspiring goal.

    you should really, really make your own pasta. like tomorrow or something. especially if you have the attachment. for me it was one of those things i thought was a really big deal and super hard but once i made it it was totally demystified and simple. a pile of flour, an indentation in the top and some water or egg. mix it all together, flatten it out. voila!

    Comment by melissa — July 29, 2010 @ 12:19 am

  24. Dana! Happy late birthday my dear. We have more in common than I realized. Yoga is a central part of my daily life (for many years now), although I would never have the time to train as a teacher, but I know I could. Somehow it feels like yoga is in balance with everything else that I do, just like I think it must be for you. I’m a bit ahead on the road in years and I can tell you that the “40s” is a truly awesome decade! So I send you very warm birthday wishes for a truly amazing decade ahead.

    Comment by Viviane Bauquet Farre / food & style — July 29, 2010 @ 2:24 am

  25. Happy 40th birthday! The 30’s are a pretty amazing ride, aren’t they? In my 30’s women older than myself told me it would only get better, and they were right. I find my women friends in particular ever more striking and amazing as they near and pass 40, and you are no exception! About a week away from 41 myself, and new paths continue to unfold. Cheers to you – I love this blog – best wishes for this new decade!

    Comment by Deb — July 29, 2010 @ 4:30 am

  26. Happy Birthday, Dana! Love the shots of your sun salutations.

    Comment by The Leftoverist — July 29, 2010 @ 5:54 am

  27. Happy Birthday Dana! I hope this is your best year yet!

    Comment by peabody — July 29, 2010 @ 4:00 pm

  28. Happy birthday sweet Dana! As I’ve told you, I’ve recently started yoga and I can’t even imagine doing 40 sun salutations! I’m so impressed. You’ll have to give me some tips when I see you! :-*

    Comment by Kristina — July 29, 2010 @ 7:58 pm

  29. Happy, Happy Birthday to you Dana!

    I love the yoga on your deck photos! I live in Michigan and for four summers when my kids schedule dictates where and when I practice , I too have taken my yoga outside. My mat become my oasis anywhere it is planted. Studios rock, but when you are in a twisted side angle or flying camels or, watching oak leaves waving at you beauty pageant contestant style is something only to be enjoyed in that EXACT moment. Having Robins, squirrels and the neighbor cats watching you too is a captured and put into memory!
    Thank you for sharing and being one of my teachers too. Your blog is very special to many of your followers! Happy BIrthday once again, and, Namaste!

    Comment by Vivian — July 30, 2010 @ 12:15 am

  30. Happy Birthday Dana. Blessings of abundance to you!

    Comment by Jenny McGlothern — July 30, 2010 @ 4:58 pm

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