Facing Fears

January 17, 2009

(Warning: If you have sensitive stomach, you may want to skip this post.)

I am not forgetting for one minute that this is a food blog. I know that almost everyone who reads (and thank you for doing so!) is interested in the food I am making and the recipes I post. Maybe you are a little interested in who I am and some of my stories. Because of that, I have to share what I have just lived through. Children with stomach flu.

You see, I have a vomit phobia. I know no one likes to vomit or clean it up, but for me it is a true phobia. When I was pregnant with my older son, I would worry, almost on a daily basis, about him getting sick and how I was going to handle it. He wasn’t even born yet! I was more worried about throwing up while in labor than I was about the pain or the birth. And after he was born, I would still lie awake at night worrying about stomach flu.

He made it four years without getting it. But on Thursday night, both he and my almost 2 year old came down with it. Yes, both of them at the same time. While that was hard, it was probably better for me just to get it all over with at once rather than worrying about when the other one would get it. Because do you know what? I really did fine. It was gross of course but I could totally handle it. As the night wore on and I wasn’t sure when it would stop, it got harder for me. As the baby kept vomiting yesterday and saying, “I need water please” well, that got hard too. But I think we are now officially out of the woods as far as the kids are concerned. Now I can turn my anxiety to me or my husband getting it.

How about you? Any other phobias out there??


  1. More power to you! The thing is, if you’re sick, you usually feel much better after your stomach purges itself; but if you didn’t make it to the toilet, then you have to clean it up, too :(

    Comment by Chris — January 18, 2009 @ 3:09 am

  2. Wow..both kids sick at the same time, that must have been tough. Glad to know they are better. My husband has a bit of a puke phobia. But I grew up with 2 younger siblings, so I guess im just used to the various “kiddie fluids”!

    Comment by veggie belly — January 18, 2009 @ 3:16 am

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