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My Life This Week – Week 3

January 21, 2012

So, I have to ask.  Did you make any New Year’s resolutions?  If you did, how are you coming along with those resolutions?

I know people who make them every year and people who resolutely refuse to make them.  I understand both sides of that argument.  I have one resolution that I make every single year (drink more water) and sometimes that is the only one.  This year I have several.  I’ve long been saying I want to tackle croissants and puff pastry and this! is! the! year!  On the non-food related front, there are several other things I want to work toward in 2012.  We recently had dinner with my amazing friend Jen and her amazing husband and she asked us for our word for 2012.  This is a very Jen request.  She sets a word for herself each year and while my brain doesn’t necessarily work that way, I found it an interesting exercise.  Without thinking and just allowing the word to come forth, my word was “push”.  This is the year to push myself in many different ways.  It’s not exactly like I’m a slacker, my life is very full and busy and I do a lot, but there are areas where I need to push myself forward.

One of these things is taking more photos and not necessarily of food.  We are not the parents that take a million photos of our kids.  But now I’m starting to think we don’t take enough of them.  So, more photos of them, more photos of my life.  I know many people who do weekly posts with photos (Tracy is one of my favorites) and I resolve to start this new feature every Friday, 3 weeks late.  I’ve got a Flickr account and will just get in the habit of having my camera around more and also, finally, upgrading to a new iPhone (mine is 3½ years old) and maybe – just maybe – will start using Instagram.  We shall see.  You might find these Friday posts unbearably boring and self-serving in which case, I apologize.  Don’t come ’round here on Fridays.

Snow!  If you have been on Twitter or Facebook, you are no doubt really tired of hearing us talk about Snowmageddon or Snowpocalypse 2012 so I will just keep it at Snow!

We finally took this guy down on Sunday along with the lit-up reindeer and the lit-up snowflakes lining our walk way.

My kids’ dentist office is genius.  Twice a year they do costume day and my kids want to go the dentist.  Like can’t wait.  The look on people’s faces while we walked around afterward was priceless.  Lots of “Look who has come to save the day” comments too.

I would have been lost without this baby this week.

Spencer has gone from scribbles to actual drawings like this lovely rainbow.  And he has just started writing his name.  And he is obsessed with tape so we have artwork taped up all over our house.

A recipe for this Apple Cheddar Bread (recipe coming soon!) led me to a most delicious Celery Root Soup.