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A Slice of My Life – The Past Few Weeks

Posted April 9, 2013

A couple of weeks ago, the boys and I went to Seattle for their spring break.  We had a very sweet visit, stayed with four different friends, ate in some restaurants I had been wanting to try, played in some parks, hit the Pike Place Market, visited Book Larder, and drove around in a minivan loaned to us by our friend Debbie.  It was exactly what I needed.  Graham can be a little unsettled when we travel but he was so happy to be in a place he recognized and remembered.  When we got out of the car at the Market, it started to rain.  He lifted his beautiful face up to the sky, held out his arms, and yelled, “I miss the rain!”

We got plenty of sun too and gorgeous skies.

I took the boys to the park I liked best when I was a kid.  Luther Burbank on Mercer Island if you are a Seattle dweller.

The restaurants we went to were a little disappointing (Wandering Goose and Shanik).  By far the best food I had were the meals made by friends.  My friend Joy made this delightful lunch for us.

Favorite coffee spot and a visit with Megan.  There is very good coffee in Oakland but it is better in Seattle.

Leaving Seattle on a day like this is tough.

Back in Oakland, I made these cakes for Easter Sunday.  The recipe was a bit perplexing but they turned out well.

I got a review copy of Deborah Madison’s Vegetable Literacy.  I made this delicious kale and soba noodle salad.

I shared my struggles with acid reflux and a recipe for this Thai green curry.  Thanks so much to all of you for comments, emails, and suggestions.  It is a journey, that is for sure.

At hair cut time, I was ready to chop most of it off.  My stylist dissuaded me, suggesting I would miss the curl.  She proposed this happy medium.  I liked it for one day, until I realized that it is totally uneven and now I’m back to wanting to chop it.

My books from Book Larder came.  Is there a better mail day?  Sadly, I don’t think I chose well with Mr. Wilkinson’s Vegetables – too much meat.

Driving around the hill of Montclair can be entertaining.  Many of the streets are named after astrological signs.  Or planets.

So. Many. Lemons.

We picked about 100 of them and gave them to neighbors.  I also made a quick pickled lemon recipe from the Jerusalem cookbook.  They are amazing!

On Friday, the boys and I got on BART and went into the city to meet Randy at his office.  This is the view from Randy’s office, looking back across the Bay Bridge and into Oakland.

We started a supper club here in Oakland.  We did one in Seattle for almost eight years and loved it so decided we should do one here.  We invited some of the other kindergarten families and had a great night.  A friend noticed that you can see Randy and Graham welcoming our guests in the upper right hand corner of this shot.


I made these potato and Jerusalem artichoke blini.  A bit of work but they turned out really well.  I topped them with blue cheese, broiled them, and then topped them with dressed salad leaves and pear slices.

I didn’t get a shot of the dessert, which is a shame because it was awesome.  Chocolate Whiskey Tart.  I served farmers’ market strawberries along side that I tossed with lime zest and chopped candied ginger.  I learned that tip from Denise and wow! does it make strawberries taste incredible and a little dressed up.

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