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A Slice of My Life – Week 44

Posted November 7, 2012

Oooh boy.  This one is late.  I thought about just not posting my Slice of Life because it was kind of a quiet week and it’s Wednesday already, but I fear I am slipping down the rabbit hole of not posting.  Not good.  I miss you guys.  I miss writing.  I know that “I’m sorry I haven’t written” posts are (snore!) so boring, so I will spare you and promise to do better.  I have so much food backlogged that I want to tell you about and I double pinky swear and cross my heart that it is coming your way.

Eyes in my front yard.

Given the choice, I would wear a dress everyday.  Well, I guess I do have a choice but I don’t have a lot of day dresses.  I found this one, black and simple, in Oakland and I lurve it.

Spencer and a buddy at the school Halloween party.

Graham in the Halloween parade.

I bought these shoes last year in Seattle.  They are super comfortable.  I guess shoe shots are going to be a constant in the round-ups.

A super tasty barley dish from the new Jerusalem cookbook.  So good.

There was a little restaurant on the main strip in our neighborhood that I never got to try.  That is the bad news.  The good news is that it was bought by the folks who own A16 so Oakland is getting its very own A16.

Our school auction was on Saturday.  The theme was Hollywood.  Some people dressed in costume, others just got super glam.  I decided to channel my inner Louise Brooks and go 1920′s style.

Graham wrote his own name on his hot chocolate at Starbucks.

“Close the door!”  (What I used to say in Seattle.)  “Leave the door open!”  (What I say in Oakland.)

Denise and I waited an hour just to buy a book and then were told that we would have to wait in another line to get it signed.  We took one look at the line snaked around the block, twice as long as the one we had just waited in, and bailed.  Bummer because I really like Deb’s site and was looking forward to telling her so.

Isn’t lemongrass beautiful?  It also has one of the best smells in the entire universe.

Chile Tomato Jam – the lemongrass went in there.

Cashew Fried Rice with that amazing jam.  I almost never make fried rice and I’m not sure why.  It is awesome.  That recipe, and more – so much more! – coming soon.  Really.



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