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A Slice of My Life – Week 39

Posted October 1, 2012

Another week of trying to figure out where things are, being lost only 85% of the time (last week it was 90%), doing the last bits of unpacking and picture hanging.  I figured out how we can walk to school.  It’s only ten minutes and it includes this endless stair way.  The first day we did it, I subconsciously thought, “Oh too bad I figured this out just in time for rain to start”.  And then I remembered that I live in Oakland now and that season, the one that is dark and rainy for nine months, doesn’t exist here.

We put up the weather vane.

I made the chocolate chip cookie recipe that is in the latest issue of Saveur.  It was a pain in the butt.  The cookies were good though.  Will post soon.

I have this little window seat in the kitchen.  I bought these pillows this week.  When I miss my friends, I imagine them sitting right there while I cook.

Soaking potatoes for oven fries.  It’s a step you have to take.  Read all my tips here.

I bought fennel pollen and promptly bullied Ashley for her shortbread recipe that uses fennel pollen because it’s amazing.  Coming soon!


My hair and I have gotten to a previously unknown high in our lifelong relationship.  In other words, I am liking my hair better than I ever have.  Part of it is product, part of it is technique, and part of it is putting it in this ridiculous get-up every morning.  Interested?  Should I do a hair post?

Figs.  One of a very small handful of vegetarian things that I won’t eat.

I made this gigantic cake with them and plums and was careful to cut myself a piece of only plum.  The cake wasn’t as good as I thought it would be and who needs a 13×18-inch cake anyway.  Recipe NOT coming soon.

Awesome ice.

Picking lemons.  As you do.

This is my mom’s charm bracelet.  All of the charms were given to her by her grandmother.  When I was a child, I would ask her to see it all the time and she, knowing I would be gentle, let me.  A few years ago, she gave it to me and I wear it on special occasions.  I love the camera charm.  The charm below that is the Plaza Hotel in New York where my parents got married.  The anniversary date is on the bottom.

The special occasion of the week was getting invited to have brunch with Denise at her house.  Three years ago, I attended BlogHer in San Francisco and made some lifelong friends.  Cheryl, Tracy, Denise, and Allison all live in the Bay area and Denise put together a fabulous spread to welcome me.  I’m a lucky girl.

Saturday, we had two power outages in a row.  We ate dinner by candlelight out on our deck while the boys did a puppet show for us.

Farmers’ market avocados.  Heaven.

Today, Monday, is the clearest day we have had so far.  Also the hottest – 91 degrees!  Where did fall go?

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