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Only the Very Best

Posted August 31, 2012

How many times do you read a recipe and see the words “best quality”?  If you happen to like Ina Garten, you will see that phrase a lot.  “Best quality mayonnaise” – is there a worst quality mayonnaise?  Isn’t all mayonnaise the same?  Sometimes I think the need for “best” is a little silly.  I am more snobby about my food than the average person but I don’t seek out things that are “best”, or more expensive, unless I really feel it is necessary.

Here best really is important.  I find that to be true with simple dishes.  The fewer the ingredients, the more important that those ingredients are really top notch.  If you agree, and you have a few bucks to spend, try this little appetizer at your next dinner party.  Buy the best bread you can get your hands on and cut thickish slabs of it.  Drizzle it with olive oil – the oil should be good but it does not have to be best.  Grill that bread and watch it carefully so that it doesn’t burn.  When it is nice and toasty and has a few grill marks, remove it.  Slather it with the best ricotta cheese you can find or make your own.  Drizzle it with truffle honey.  Yes, it’s expensive but a little goes a long way and there is nothing else like it.  Sweet, savory, and earthy all at the same time.  Then sprinkle your best sea salt over the top and garnish with lemon thyme leaves.  Best.

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