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A Slice of My Life – Week 21

Posted May 22, 2012

Dear Friends,
Thank you for understanding why my Slice of Life post is appearing today.  I aim for Sunday.  This week it’s Tuesday.

Dear Friends,
Oh!  And thank you for being patient with me as the days stretch between posts and the amount of food being written about dwindles to almost nothing.

Dear Instagram,
I am totally hooked on you.  I was late coming to this party but I’m a total believer now.  I use you for almost all my Slice of Life posts.  (Want to follow me?  I’m @danatreat.)

Dear Uncertainty,
I’m trying to not let you get the best of me, but living in this place, not knowing what our future looks like, is starting to get to me.

Dear San Francisco,
We are coming to visit you this weekend.  I am simultaneously excited and terrified.  What if I could imagine myself living there?  What if I couldn’t?

In better news, Alice Medrich, queen of amazing baking books, came to visit us at Book Larder this week.  I along with three other local bloggers, baked goodies for her and the crowd that came to see her.  She was lovely and delightful and I got to go to dinner with afterward.  Swoon!

The spread.  I made the mousse.

Every Wednesday, I spend the day with just Spencer.  He is my little buddy.  Inevitably, we end up running errands for a class or an event and he comes along willingly.  He is great company.

Last Wednesday was early dismissal day for Graham.  In our house, that means a special treat.  This is the hot dog place near our house which also serves frozen yogurt.

Thursday I taught a Spring Seasonal Feast class.  This was the prep.

I cook for a lot of people.  Not that many people cook for me.  My lovely friend Julie invited us over for dinner, I looked forward to it all week, and then she totally spoiled us by making three different pizzas, a huge and beautiful salad, and then making Nutella filled donuts to order.

Saturday was about as beautiful as it gets here.  We took the boys down to the little lake near our house and rented a paddle boat.  We knew rain was coming so we tried to soak up the sunshine as much as possible.

Found in a neighbor’s garden.  This poppy was almost the same size as Spencer’s head.

These two ducks live in the parking lot of my grocery store.  Actually, I can’t imagine that they live there, but I see them there every time I go.  People always take pictures of them.

Strawberry Rhubarb Galette, made to celebrate one of our favorite friends’ birthday.  Recipe coming…one of these days.

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