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A Slice of My Life – Week 18

Posted April 30, 2012

Graham started a new before-school activity this week.  Lego club!  There were about five bins full to the brim of Legos.  Heaven for my little boy.

I was about to pay for my parking when a man jumped out of his car to give me his ticket that he wasn’t going to use.  Score!

I keep reading about the blow-your-mind bread coming out of the Corson Building and how you can buy it after 2pm at Sitka and Spruce.  Now, I didn’t make a special trip out of my to get the bread.  Um, not really.  OK, I did.  And yes, the bread is worth it.  Crust so dark and crackly that it shatters under the knife, sending crumbs everywhere.  A soft and airy and just slightly sour interior.  Addictive.

On April 27th, I took my kids to the park and I was still wearing my down jacket.  With the hood up.  Spring, please come join the party.

Ancient hieroglyphics or sidewalk chalk art?  You decide.

Cutting the grass means moving all toys off the grass.  Somewhere, hidden on our tiny patch of lawn, were all these things.  (Don’t ask what happened to that poor flamingo.)

This is one of the best coffee shops in Seattle.  Upsides:  It is 1½ blocks from my house and makes a terrific mezzo (my drink of choice).  Downsides:  My Mezzo costs about a dollar more than anywhere else I order it and they seem to be incapable of honoring my request for decaf.

Spring farmers’ market.  This is at the Foraged and Found booth – the best place to buy wild mushrooms and other forest delicacies.  I bought nettles and miners lettuce.

I passed on the fiddleheads and the morels.  The fiddleheads freak me out and the morels will come down in price (from $30/pound).

Each week, Spencer brings any number of special projects home from school.  Usually they involve milk cartons and miles of masking tape.  This one is a special “bachine” (that would be machine) that tells us which way the wind is blowing.

Graham did a project about himself.  These are the things he wants to be when he grows up.  When we talked about it, he had the idea that he could be a football player in a stadium where he also had a pizza place and a sushi place.  Now we are on to something.

The boys and I took an afternoon trip to the Pike Place Market where we encountered this guy.

Sharing a beverage.

Randy and I have had season tickets to the Seattle Reperatory Theatre for the past couple of years.  Saturday night we saw our last play.  This season has been quite disappointing and I was really not in the mood to go.  The play was Clybourne Park and it was absolutely amazing.  I can’t stop thinking about it.

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