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Posted September 29, 2011

Friends.  I’ve been keeping a little something from you.  That sounds sneaky, I know.  I never meant to be sneaky.  It started out that I was unsure, then I didn’t want to jinx myself, then I couldn’t believe it was real, then I wanted to make sure you could learn as much about it as possible (i.e. I was waiting for a web site to go live).  What on earth am I talking about?

This.  If you are active in the Seattle food community, then you know that an incredible place is about to open its doors.  Book Larder, our fair city’s very own cookbook shop, will open on October 12th.  A bookstore with over 3,000 titles, a gathering space, a place to attend amazing events, a kitchen in which to take cooking classes…and guess who is working there.

Me.  To say I am excited about this new chapter in my culinary life would be an understatement.  Lara, Book Larder’s visionary owner, and I have had multiple conversations about my role in the store and she is currently calling me Culinary Director.  I love that.  Basically, I will be doing a little of everything – working in the store, helping with events – but also overseeing the cooking classes held in the shop’s cozy kitchen space and teaching classes of my own.  When Lara and I had our first real conversation about a possible role for me there, she asked me what path I saw my career taking.  I told her that although I know it sounded a bit “woo-woo”, I felt like there was something out there swirling around in the Universe waiting to make itself clear to me.  And that thing is Book Larder.  I could not be more thrilled.

So!  If you live in Seattle, please come by the store and say hi.  The doors open October 12th.  Sign up for some events.  Come to some classes!  Just come and hang out!  We will be baking yummy things on a regular basis for sampling.  Check the Facebook page to find out about fun things like that or, if you are on Twitter, follow us.  If you don’t live in Seattle, but are planning a trip in the future, same deal.  Regardless of where you live, you can sign up for the Book Larder mailing list to read all about the amazing upcoming events, cool people who are blowing through town, and classes to take.

How about some preview photos?

The kitchen space. Lara and Spencer watching compostible packing peanuts go down the disposal.

The books have been coming in for a week.  Boxes and boxes of cookbooks.  Some of them I may have petted and rubbed against my cheek.  I may have started a list of things I want to buy.  Already.

Where are they all going to go?  The walls are lined with shelves and the next task is to figure out order and spacing.  That is what post-its are for!

We have many categories.  It makes me happy that one of them is called “Quirk”.

There will plenty for the kids to look at.  This is Spencer reading an adorable book called The Star Wars Cookbook: Wookiee Cookies.

Updates coming soon!

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