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Keurig Giveaway

Posted July 20, 2011

I’ve mentioned this before, but as a food blogger, I sometimes find offers in my email inbox.  For me, these offers fall into one of four categories.  There is the “you’ve never heard of me, but I would love to write a guest post on your blog about something that has nothing to do with the food you cook or write about”.  Also the “you’ve never heard of us, but send us your content and we will not pay you but we will link directly to your site”.  Or the “how would you like a giant box of bacon/sausage because clearly, we have never read your site?”  And finally, thankfully, the “you have heard of us and how about we send you something you actually want?”

Keurig falls into that last category.  Imagine my delight to find an email from these guys offering me a coffee maker.  You see, I love coffee.  I live in coffee capitol of the country.  Within a square mile of my house there are probably 20+ places to get a terrific cup of coffee including one of the very best in the city (they compete in and have won the Barista Olympics) which is just 1½ blocks up the street.  I never make coffee at home because of that.  But sometimes, I don’t want to walk out the front door just for a cup of joe and sometimes I don’t want to pay over $3 just to wake up in the morning.  I have an old Cuisinart coffee maker and in dire straights I will haul it out of the basement and make mediocre coffee – and therein lies the problem.  If I can get decent coffee at a gas station, and in Seattle you can, why would I make a bad cup at home?

So I said yes to Keurig, please send me your wonderful machine.  I was very transparent about my plans.  If I liked it, I would write about it on my blog.  If I didn’t, I wouldn’t.  Originally, they wanted me to write about it multiple times, tweet about it and to all that I said no thank you.  I need to love something to plug it here.  But Keurig wanted me to have the machine anyway, I guess they were confident that I would love it.

And I do.  Randy does not drink coffee so having a sleek looking machine that makes one cup at a time is perfect in our house.  I wondered how it would do with a brunch crowd and it behaved beautifully.  Each person got to make their own cup of coffee and if they needed a refill, they just made another.  So much better (and fresher!) than pouring from a pot sitting on the warming tray.  It only takes a little over a minute for a perfectly fresh cup of coffee.  Keurig also sent me a nice variety of coffees to try and there are tons of choices, including teas and hot chocolate.  The coffee I have made tastes great and Randy has liked the tea as well.

Because I like to share the bounty, I asked if they would allow me to give away a machine on my blog.  Not only did they say yes, they are offering an even sleeker machine than the one they sent me!  How to win a Platinum Brewer?  I am so curious about all of you – I sit here and blab about my food, my family and all manner of things and, for the most part, I know next to nothing about you.  So please, tell me one thing about yourself.  What you do, where you live, how many kids you have, the name of your cat – just one thing.  Make it interesting if you like.  The winner will be chosen at random and the contest will close at noon PDT on Tuesday, July 26th which is, coincidentally, my birthday.

CONTEST CLOSED! Thanks for all the entries.  Winner to be announced tomorrow.

Finally, I forgot to post these photos in the Salted Caramel Squares post.  Those squares are sophisticated enough for the end of a fancy dinner party and simple enough to be adored by a four and six-and-a-half year old.  While I was trying to get a photo of the squares, the boys were following me around the house waiting for their chance to eat them.  Yesterday, I made Ashley’s beloved chocolate chip cookies because the cookie jar was empty and when Spencer saw them on the cooling rack he said, “Why didn’t you make more caramel squares?”

Also, Graham lost his top front tooth.  I know the photo is blurry but I love that face.

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