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Why Do Giveaways?

Posted May 24, 2011

Winner!  It was so fun reading about all of your food guilty pleasures.  Lots of peanut butter and mac and cheese – not together.  Comment #27 came up as random winner – Robin likes Cadbury hard shelled mini eggs and coffee ice cream.  Send me an email Robin so I can get your address.

Recently I was chatting with an old friend about my blog.  She has been an enthusiastic supporter and reader from the beginning.  She asked why I or anyone with a blog would do a giveaway.  I’m sure that every blogger out there has a different reason.  My reasons have evolved over my three (!) years.  At the root of it all, I am a generous person.  I like to give.  I have an abundant life and I like to be able to share.  I feel grateful to all of you for coming here and reading what I write.  I am moved by your comments and emails.  I get an incredible kick out of having students in my classes who I have never met but who know me through my blog.

Writing this blog, or any blog, is a solitary process.  I always tell people that I feel like I have about 25 readers.  Of course that is not the case, but day after day, it is just me cooking in my kitchen and writing in our study.  When I do a giveaway, I hear from more people.  I see names I’ve never seen, hear opinions I’ve never heard.  It is why I always ask for some sort of detail from you (like the most recent pedestrian taste) – so I can get a tiny sense of just who is out there reading.

So that is why you will see me periodically giving things away.  As the final of 3 giveaways to celebrate my 3 years and 500 posts, I am giving away some of the best that Seattle has to offer.  I took a walk through Pike Place Market the other day, with a whiny four year old in tow, and snatched up some of my favorite things.  This is a thank you, once again, for being out there and for reading.

Here is what you can win.

Chukar Cherries – delicious and plump dried Washington cherries.
DeLaurenti sun-dried tomatoes – the best I’ve ever had

Parker Pickles – pickled green beans
Mama Lil’s Peppers – spicy and good on just about anything
Blackberry Honey

To enter, tell me where you live and what you would send if you were putting together the best from your town.  Your culinary dream pack as it were.  I’ll pick a winner on Friday.

UPDATE: It’s only a few hours into the day and already I have gotten so much joy reading all the care packages you all would send from your hometowns.  YUM!  I have to say that I would, of course, include a bottle of Washington wine in the mix – we make some of the best Syrah in the world – but I know some states don’t allow wine to be shipped.  Whoever the winner is, I will look into the law and if your state (or country) allows it, I will include a great Washington Syrah.

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