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Posted September 21, 2010

Here is my dilemma.  This is my 400th post.  That is pretty cool, right?  Something to be noted and perhaps celebrated?  Or is it kind of like expecting your friends and family to make a big deal about every single one of your birthdays?  (Er, this is something I do in fact do.)

The truth is that I’m happy about 400.  I’m happy that 400 times I have sat down at our computer, looked out the window as I pondered what to write, winced as I went through my photos, and smiled as I hit publish.  It’s pretty cool having a blog.  And I want to thank you for reading.

I’m feeling a lot of abundance in my life these days.  Fall is here.  It is my favorite season because of sweaters, boots, fires in the fireplace, lots of soup, and squash and chanterelles.  We have two great trips coming up in the next two months.  Thanksgiving is on the horizon and we have a new big table around which to gather our friends and family.  My boys are in more school than ever before which leaves me a little more breathing room and time for myself.  I have happy healthy people surrounding me and more wonderful friends than I ever could have hoped for.  I am surrounded by cookbooks that make me happy and all kinds of kitchen gear which makes my cooking life easier.

Speaking of which, you all know we got swag bags at the IFBC conference, right?  I know so many of you wanted to come to that conference and could not for a variety of reasons.  There were things in that bag that I either did not want or could not use.  The five people staying with me also had things that they did not want or could not use and therefore, I have approximately an IFBC swag bag’s worth of goodies that I would like to send to someone.

In addition to tools I didn’t need (meat thermometer anyone?), I am throwing in my copy of the lovely Sur la Table cookbook that was arguably the best thing in the bag.  Why?  Aren’t there recipes that I could use in there?  Of course.  But I’m sure one of you needs it more than I do.  And since I just happened to re-visit the chocolate factory where the conference was held (for the children!), I bought a little extra for the giveaway.

Here is what I want from you.  And I hope this doesn’t sound weird.  I want to know what your main anxiety dream is.  I was thinking about this the other day.  I have a number of these dreams as do most people.  I dream that I am about to take my French final and I haven’t studied.  I dream that I am about to go on stage and I either can’t remember any of my lines or my costume has a big rip in it.  I dream that I am trying to teach a yoga class and the configuration of the room is really weird and no one is listening to me.  I dream that I am cocktail waitressing and I have a tray full of drinks and I can’t find my tables.  I dream that I let Randy go rather than marrying him and while trying to call him to take me back, my cell phone keeps breaking or I can’t see the numbers.  (That is not a fun one.)

Now.  I am not an anxious person.  In fact, I am a pretty relaxed person.  These dreams crack me up.  I find it interesting that I have never had a mom anxiety dream nor a cooking one – the two things that define me most.  I’m not going to read into what you tell me – I’m just curious.  Leave me a comment and one of my trusty assistants will pick a random winner.  Thank you for reading.  Sincerely.

UPDATE: This has been fascinating reading so far!  I will keep the giveaway open until Saturday, September 25th at 12 noon PDT.  Thank you!

UPDATE #2: Thanks to everyone who commented.  The giveaway is now closed.  I will announce a winner on Monday!

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