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Just a Bit Busy

Posted November 30, 2009

Listen.  Do you hear that?  Crickets.

I know things have been a little quiet here at Dana Treat.  Every so often I do so much cooking and planning that I have trouble getting back in to the kitchen.   Our Thanksgiving went over very well as I hope it did for you and your family.  I remember washing dishes at the end of the last year and thinking, “I never want to do this again”.  Aside from the turkey grease that seems to still be lurking around and the lingering smell of cigars in our dining room, I was happy to have hosted and I look forward to next year.

In addition to the holiday, this was a big weekend for us.  The 26th was the anniversary of the day Randy and I met nine years ago.  The 27th was my mom’s birthday.  The 28th was Graham’s fifth birthday and my wonderful friend Lauren’s 40th.  I made two huge layer cakes for Lauren’s party and bought Graham’s cake.  Bad mommy?  No, I just know what I can and can’t do well.  Graham wanted a bus cake.  I don’t do bus cakes.  Lauren wanted two big yummy cakes.  Those I can do.

But Graham did have a big party with his buddies where we made pizzas and terrorized the poor patrons of California Pizza Kitchen.

Graham did a great job making pizza (I couldn’t help myself and had to get my hands in there).  I was proud of him for choosing pineapple and black olives for his pie and saying no to the pepperoni because “that’s meat”.

As you can see, it was all about hugging the pretty girls, the cake, and the presents for my boy.

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