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My 200th Post

Posted June 25, 2009

It’s hard for me to believe, but numbers don’t lie.  This is my 200th post.  I’m not sure how I got here this quickly but I’m happy to say I’m here, and that this blog has brought me a lot of joy.

I thought long and hard about what to write here for this milestone.  For my 100th post, I listed 100 foods I like to eat.  For my 200th, I considered listing 200 vegetarian main courses I have eaten in the interest of continuing to show how exciting and delicious a plant-based diet can be.

Instead, I am going to attempt to first stop the doubters and then spread some love.

There are those who think that feeding a child a vegetarian diet is depriving them somehow.  That they can’t possibly be healthy.

That they won’t get all the calories and fat they need.

That children need meat to thrive.

For the people who think so, I give you my 35 pound, incredibly healthy, delightful, squishy, and vegetarian 2 year old.

I am going away for a little over a week.  My little family and I are boarding a plane early tomorrow morning and heading East to the Maryland shore.  While I am gone, I’d like to suggest you check out some blogs that I am just loving these days.  I read a lot food blogs.  Every one I subscribe to I like, but there are some I love.  Oh, I love the obvious ones – Smitten Kitchen, Orangette, 101 Cookbooks.  But I thought I’d spread some love to some people that you maybe don’t know about.

I love eat make read for her whimsical touches on the photographs and I love that it’s not always about food.
I love A Chow Life for her simple prose and knock-out food.
I love fresh365 for the truly gorgeous photography and clean healthy food and I love how simple and beautiful her website is.
I love Stacey Snacks for her great sense of humor and her hearty, generous food.
I love Let Her Eat Cake for the diversity of her recipes and for making everything look delicious.
I love Eat Me, Delicious for her shared vegetarian sensibilities.
I love Everybody Likes Sandwiches for her Northwestern charm and her awesome whimsical style.
And I love Lisa is Cooking because she is a damn fine cook, one of the best out there in my opinion, but she doesn’t brag about it.

So, enjoy while I am away.  But y’all come back now, y’hear?

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